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TripShock can bring awesome experiences to guests and passively grow your business. Join the growing number of affiliates who trust TripShock as their #1 provider of activities, tours, and attractions.

Who Is TripShock?

TripShock is the leading online travel agency focused on watersports and water-related activities. But we’re not the nameless, faceless OTA of the past. We boast a skilled team of service, marketing, and technical professionals, many of whom live in the destinations we serve! At TripShock, we work hands-on with our network of activity providers and affiliates, offering trusted support and a wealth of experience in multiple areas of the travel industry.

The TripShock Affiliate Network is composed of leading accommodations, publishers, Visitor Bureaus, and more. Launched in 2014, the affiliate program has become one of our foundations for customer acquisition, and has strengthened local relationships within our destinations.

With 14 years in operation and over 1 million activities booked, our customer service team understands your audience. And with over 250 active affiliates spanning 37 destinations across the US, our affiliate support team is dedicated to your success. Apply to join the TripShock Affiliate Network and start earning more from your audience!

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An Easy Choice

Why Join TripShock

Monetize your business and connect your audience to unforgettable experiences with the TripShock Affiliate Program. There are many reasons to join, here are just a few of them!

Extra Income

Earn incremental income from your travel-related business, with a set-it-and-forget-it fashion! Links, along with our co-branded booking portal, are simple to integrate and flexible across a multitude of marketing channels.

Unique Offerings

TripShock focuses on unique and exciting offerings in 37+ popular family-friendly destinations, but also building relationships with our tour operators. That means many activities are exclusive to our site!

Qualified Buyers

Reach travelers who are low-funnel, highly-qualified buyers, likely to be in-destination or within three days of booking – and also in a niche demographic (65% female, ages 25-44) with purchasing power.

a true Partner

Essential Features & Support

With cutting edge tools and software on your side, you can maximize efficiency, exposure, and ease. 

So Many Ways to Earn

How To Monetize

From mom bloggers to property managers and vacation rental owners, if your business is travel, you can monetize with the TripShock affiliate program. Explore the multiple ways to monetize our tours and activities.

Links on Websites

Create custom, trackable links to add to your new or existing web pages. Choose from over 1,000+ tours, and dozens of activity categories to match user interest.


Monetize those marketing email blasts and confirmation emails (for accommodation providers) with affiliate links. Add our links to text, images, buttons, or banners to send your users direct to our activities.

Physical Materials

The opportunities go beyond digital. From flyers to scannable in-unit magnets for vacation rental owners, our affiliates have success adding our links and QR codes to marketing materials.

Social Media

If you have an audience on social media, why not offer them awesome activities? Your followers can be directed to TripShock pages through posts, stories, a link in your bio, and more.


Always Here to Help

There are lots of reasons to work with TripShock, but we understand you may have questions

How much do I earn as an affiliate?

Earn a 25% share of TripShock’s commission on each and every activity your guests complete. User engagement and earning reports are made available daily in a custom affiliate portal, with monthly payment distributions.

How can I trust TripShock activities and tours?

You can feel at ease selling TripShock tours and attractions. We represent only the best experiences. All operators are vetted during the application process, with only the most qualified receiving a listing on Tripshock.com. If customers need more assistance at any time, our expert team of local reservationists handle guest’s booking and questions – ensuring the best possible experiences for your guests.

What does it cost to sign up for the TripShock Affiliate Program?

Signing up with TripShock costs you absolutely zero dollars. There is no monthly subscription, administration fee, or hidden annual charges. The only charge is a commission when a booking is realized by the consumer.

What kind of support should I expect once I sign up?

All TripShock Affiliates receive complimentary assistance via email for help setting up your account, learning our tools, and optimizing your earning potential. Even better, TripShock provides each affiliate with a dashboard that lets you keep track of statistics, create custom affiliate links, manage your commissions and payments, and more!


Unlike the major Online Travel Agencies, our business is run by a small-but-mighty team who are dedicated to our customers, tour operators and affiliates. That means we work with you personally to see you be successful, including assisting you in creating your links, recommending better converting placements and even finding ways to further our affiliate partnership! We’re only an email or call away.

My company operates in several locations. Can my affiliate account service more than just one location?

You can create custom links directing travelers to any and all destinations on our site.

Yes! Try your affiliate links in promotional or confirmation emails, social media and Facebook groups, printed QR codes on print pieces, SMS texts, digital welcome or guide books, branded WiFi login pages or use the link yourself to book on behalf of a client or guest.

How long will it take for me to make a profit?

First: The quicker you get your links created and implemented, the better! As a general rule, roughly 3-5% of visitors will convert into a booking. But, keep in mind that you can also bolster your profitability (and how quickly you see that profitability) by creating more links, recognizing when narrower or broader scopes of content work for you, adding links to additional marketing channels, using the reporting tools and insights from our team to recognize top-converting products and more. If all else fails, get in touch with us! We’re happy to work with you one-on-one to see you be successful.

Easy Booking & Payments

How It Works

Once your affiliate links go live, you can begin earning commissions.

Traveler Books

Customers can book over the phone or online. You’ll Receive an email when a booking is made.

Confirm Booking

each month, tripShock will confirm each booking, and verify that the customer completed the tour

Get Paid

We’ll remit payment every month for confirmed bookings within the previous month. Autopay and Direct Deposit are available.

our Process

Application & Onboarding

Onboarding has never been so easy. With a few simple steps you could be partnered with TripShock, selling amazing experiences to your audience.

Start Earning More With TripShock!

Get Started by Sending an Application



A quick form gets you in touch with us so we can see if you’re a good fit for us and if we’re a good fit for you, too.



If everything checks out, you’ll then get access to the affiliate platform, where you’ll create your unique URLs and be able to edit your booking portal (if applicable). Here powerful reporting tools, start-up guides, tips for success and FAQs are available. During this time, a real, live expert will be available for questions, and strategic assistance.



You should now be ready to implement your links and/or share your co-branded booking portal. You can add them to both physical and digital materials including flyers, blogs, social media posts, and emails. A TripShock rep will be available to offer support during this step. *screenshot by Crazy Family Adventure



As soon as your affiliate links are live and clickable, you are ready to start earning your 25% commission share! Additional opportunities to earn from your traffic are available through a 7-day browser cookie.

Our Destinations

Discover Where Our Partners Operate

TripShock works with incredible activity operators offering memorable experiences across the country. For a detailed list, please visit our destinations on Tripshock.com.