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TripShock Expands into South Florida, Key West

KEY WEST, Florida: Key West is picking up a key partner in online travel agency TripShock.com. The Southeast’s go-to source for deals on vacation tours, activities, and rentals, TripShock is eying the southernmost city in the continental United States as their next...

Affiliate Referrals Increase as Tripshock Taps New Markets

Tripshock is moving into a new era of affiliate marketing in 2018. With record affiliate sales so far this summer, Content Manager Mike Fisher is confident the massive growth in the affiliate program so far this year is just beginning. "Since hiring our new marketing...

TripShock Appoints New Director of Partnerships Martin Owen

Martin Owen, TripShock's Director of Partnerships - Destinations & AccomodationsDESTIN, Florida: Greg Fisher, Founder and CEO of TripShock, announced today the appointment of Martin Owen as the company’s Director of Partnerships - Destinations & Accommodations. He...