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TripShock Promotes Travel Through Video

In this day and age where technology and social media are king, the need for immediate results and instant gratification is on the rise. Anything you need is just a quick Google search away! And who has time for anything else? With vacations to plan, families to take...

What to Expect from TripShock in 2020

For TripShock, 2019 was a year of growth, improvements, and integrations. From the re-launch of WaveRez, to having the new “Featured Placements” put into effect, this past year has yielded amazing results for both TripShock and its partners. The goal for 2020 is not...

How Your Website Can Make Money Selling Activities

The TripShock Affiliate Program Travel sites… they’re everywhere, and to accommodate the large amount of people who love to travel, they’re carving out a pretty sizable chunk of real estate across the web by the minute. If your website is one of them, you may be in...