Wouldn’t it be great if you could call a movie theater and ask an employee to review a film before you see it? Or if you could call a waitress before making a dinner reservation to get her opinion on a restaurant’s advertised specials? Knowing as much about an experience as possible, before you actually do it, is key to your satisfaction. And a business with a call center is a business that takes customer service seriously.
As 2018 progresses into the busy Spring and Summer months, TripShock is expanding its call center hours to 8am – 8pm, seven days a week. With four full-time reservation agents, two part-time reservation agents and two dedicated, full-time live chat monitors, Tripshock has plenty of options to help steer moms and dads to the best tours and activities for their families.
When it comes to experiencing quality outings during a one-week vacation, your time and money are at a premium. Tripshock’s reservationists and live chat agents are locals. We know the area, the travel time, and all the mitigating factors that come into play when booking an outdoor tour or activity. Weather warnings, surf conditions, ideal length of activities for small children, and other real world scenarios come into play in making sure our guests have an outstanding time along the Gulf Coast. Moms and dads themselves, our call center representatives can relate to visiting parents looking for fun things to do in a limited amount of time. This allows them to make recommendations accordingly.
TripShock’s Director of Sales, Sarah Simon, says that company’s personable approach is what separates this company from the rest: “We have a wonderful mix of locals who love traveling and selling fun! Our sales team is up over 40% from last year already and breaking records daily. I couldn’t be more proud of everyone’s hard work and dedication as I am right now.”
So the next time you find yourself stuck on the phone, going through an endless series prompts when all you want to do is speak to an actual person, call TripShock instead and book a fun family outing! Even if your question ranges from, “What’s the weight limit for snorkeling?” to “Where can we go on a mermaid watching tour?” Our call center and live chat representatives have the answers!

Give us a call today at 850-424-5125 and experience the TripShock factor for yourself!