based fish mafia nfts


As the popularity and use of cryptocurrency and NFTs continues to increase amongst consumers, we are excited to announce TripShock is now offering connection for crypto wallets and 10% site-wide discounts for those holding a Based Fish Mafia NFT. Now, those who are already investing in NFTs have a new fun way to interact with our products and add to their NFT collection — all while taking advantage of a nice discount!

However, this discount is open to anyone. All they need to do is purchase a Based Fish Mafia NFT. So, for those who are new to cryptocurrency wallets and/or NFTs, we’ve created a helpful step-by-step instructional guide that takes customers through the entire process — from downloading a wallet to purchasing and accessing their Based Fish Mafia NFTs.

NOTE: TripShock is not currently accepting cryptocurrency as payment. The discount applies only to those who hold Based Fish Mafia NFTs and our instructional guide shows customers how to purchase those specific NFTs for this discount.

The instructional guide also provides a link to the Based Fish Mafia Discord Community. Here Based Fish Mafia NFT owners can meet and interact with fellow NFT investors, and participate in contests and special events. For those who haven’t experienced it, it’s a whole new world under the (digital) sea!

Learn how customers can connect their crypto wallets to Tripshock.com and purchase Based Fish Mafia NFTs by visiting our instruction and FAQ page: