TripShock’s recently introduced Affiliate Program gives property managers, vacation rental companies and hotels the ability to provide a range of services essential to vacationers without investment in staff or technology, yet providing for increased customer retention, incremental income and competitive advantage.

TripShock’s own branded website provides travelers with the ability to book tours, experiences and events in areas from Myrtle Beach to New Orleans and covers beach areas from Panama City Beach to The Crescent City through 30A, Destin, The Emerald Coast, Escambia, Pensacola and Orange Beach-Gulf Shores. Experiences include jet ski rentals, fishing charters, parasailing, ghost tours, dinner shows and more – a total of over 300 separate activities.

The new Affiliate program allows property managers to market all these services to their guests within their own product offering and within their own brand. Even more, products sold through the Affiliate Program can be curated and tailored to a Property Manager’s area and their own relationships with tour suppliers.

Providing these additional services lends a competitive advantage while at the same time generates incremental income by means of a commission share with TripShock. Research has shown that offering tours and experiences results in increased bookings and customer retention.

TripShock’s integration into a property manager’s website and reservations system is simple, fast, and perhaps best of all requires little input from the property management staff as all bookings are handled either automatically or by TripShock staff.

TripShock’s Founder and CEO, Greg Fisher said, “bringing customers back to the Property Manager’s website is vital to the customer retention process.” With 75% of bookings being made within 48 hours of consumption and 65% of those bookings coming via mobile devices, rental company employees would be hard-pressed to handle all of the additional requirements. “Our program can offer both realtime bookings and mobile payment without impacting the affiliate’s staff.”

Media Contact:

Martin Owen: Director of Partnerships – Destinations & Accommodations. 850-420-1934. [email protected]

About TripShock:

Destin-based TripShock has been in operation for 9 years offering reservations of curated tours, tourist services, and experiential activities. Over 300 activities are offered in multiple destinations across the Northern Gulf Coast from Panama City to New Orleans, South Carolina and other destinations in Florida. The company provides white label and affiliate programs to Property Managers, CVBs, and Accommodation providers. TripShock represents tour operators and tourism services providers.