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Partner Solutions

Find more value through Featured Placement! Accelerate your listing with increased visibility and engagement.

Our featured placement plans were created with you in-mind. 

Premium Package

Affordable, focused attention that converts.

Our Premium Package Featured Placement promotes your listing on the category results page (i.e. Destin > Parasailing). This provides a targeted spotlight on your listing to travelers that are actively searching to book within your category. The results are increased impressions and clicks from “ready to purchase” (i.e. high conversion) travelers.

Platinum Package

Exposure on another level, impressions galore!

Taking it to the next level with our Platinum Package, your listing will be promoted on the Destination results page (i.e. Things to do in Destin) as well as on the Category results page, blog pages, traveler stories, and other areas. These additional placements can increase your listing’s visibility by 25x! This large increase in impressions results in more clicks and more sales. Are you ready to accelerate your listing?

Want more details? Read our White Paper on Featured Placement.

Let's Dive Deeper

Benefits of Featured Placement

Our partner solutions were created to provide maximum benefits to our partners. See how featured placement can maximize your listings on Tripshock.com.


Visibility is one of the key components to earning a traveler’s business. If they do not see your activity, they cannot book your activity. The more eyeballs that come across your activity the more chances you have to gain a sale.

TripShock tracks visibility via ‘impressions’, which are logged each time an activity is shown on the screen to an individual user. A Featured Placement activity is shown in additional sections throughout the website beyond its organic placement within its location and category which garners increased impressions.


Clicks, you’re all familiar with the term and how important it is. A ‘click’ is defined as a user clicking on an activity in order to be directed to that specific activitiy’s page. This is the all-important first step of a traveler drilling down into your activity to initiate a purchase. A multitude of factors go into why and how a user chooses to click on a specific activity, and we believe that two of them come into play in relation to Featured Placement.

The first being placement, an activity that is front and center is going to be clicked more as it’s more visible to the traveler. Additionally, an activity that is placed in more locations throughout the site will be viewed more and thus clicked more.

The second is trust, specific attributes of Featured Placement activities make the traveler more inclined to trust those activities and click on them more.

Data Driven Value

Included with your Featured Placement package is a Google Data Studio report customized for your business showing real time impression (both organic and featured) data, sales #’s, transactions, and more.

If you are actively seeking to leverage additional value from the TripShock platform, this is just the beginning!

tripshock partner dashboard


Always Here to Help

There are lots of reasons to work with TripShock, but we understand you may have questions

Why did TripShock decide to develop Partner Solutions?

TripShock listened to our partner’s feedback that partners wanted additional opportunities to grow sales on TripShock. Partner Solutions was created for those partners who want to get the most out of TripShock!

Do I need to upgrade my listing?

You do not need to change your listing in any way. However, we encourage you to work with your Market Manager to ensure that your listing(s) are up-to-date, have excellent pictures and or video, and are optimized to their potential.

Am I still going to receive the same amount of bookings if I keep a basic listing?

Yes. Your current listing and impressions will continue in the same fashion, growing organically. The Partner Solutions program was designed specifically to increase impressions and value for the partners that want it while TripShock! continues to offer the current incredible value to partners that don’t.

Will I receive monthly/quarterly stats?
Yes! TripShock will be providing a Google Data Studio link for each partner that signs up. This will be a customized look at your metrics that will be updated in real time.

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