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Search Engine Optimization
Promotional Articles Additional Cost Additional Cost
Email Marketing
Photoshoot Additional Cost Additional Cost
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Traveler Stories
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Account Features

Partner Mobile App

We know how hard it is to run a business: business environments change rapidly, decisions need to made, and you need to be in control. That’s why we created the TripShock Partner Mobile App. It helps you manage your listing, schedules, and rates all from your phone! It’s available for iOS and Android and FREE to all of our partners.

Support Team

Partnering with TripShock means you have full access to our support staff. Experts are available via email, live chat, and phone. Have any questions on how to use any of our software? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Personal Market Manager

Your TripShock marketing manager is like a cheerleader for your business. Their job is to make sure your company is represented the best way possible online.  The more customers we drive to your activities and attractions the more successful we all become – so they are ON YOUR TEAM.


Paid Advertising

In digital marketing, paid advertising is generally referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC). Paid Advertising Campaigns aren’t as simple as just creating an add and hoping people click on it. TripShock’s PPC Team continually analyzes our performance, the market and even weather – to craft our campaigns and control spend. We aren’t afraid to spend money to earn our commission. TripShock spends Millions of dollars in PPC to earn bookings for our partners.

Featured Category Placement

Allows a partner’s activity to show at the top of a Category page regardless of their organic rank. A selection of 4 randomized and equally distributed Premium or Platinum Partner’s Activities are chosen each time a user visits a category page. For example, if the user navigates to Fishing Charters in Destin, FL, 4 randomized Premium or Platinum Destin Fishing Charter activities will show in this section. Featured placement will increase impressions and click through and thus bookings and revenue. Category pages are highly specific and travelers who navigate to these pages are very likely to book.

*Featured placement applies to a single activity in it’s primary category and location.
*Pay annually or monthly

Featured Destination Placement

Allows a partner’s activity to show at the top of a Destination page regardless of their organic rank. A selection of 4 randomized and equally distributed Platinum Partner’s Activities are chosen each time a user visits a destination page. For example, if the user navigates to New Orleans, LA, 4 randomized Platinum level activities will show in the featured section. Featured destination placement greatly increase impressions to the tune of 25x! Destination pages have the highest traffic on TripShock! and travelers who navigate to these pages are interested in finding activities to book in that location.

*Featured placement applies to a single activity in it’s primary category and location.
*Pay annually or monthly

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, as its known in the biz, is the art and science of creating quality content and being found for this content. Its often referred to as FREE traffic, because it was not Paid Advertising. However – its far from FREE. TripShock’s content team is continuously generating blogs, articles and destination guides. This content is useful to travelers, builds trust and casts a very large net of content to get indexed by search engines to drive traffic. It’s not something that “just happens”, it takes considerable time and investment. The content we publish gets picked up by important search engines almost immediately and hundreds of other sites link to it to drive traffic from countless sources.

Promotional Articles

Our staff is constantly writing quality content on the behalf of destinations and our array of sites.  However, if you want our expert marketing staff to write an article specifically about your business than all you need to do is drop us a line. This is the ticket.  Not only will we write it, we will publish it on our site where it can get maximum exposure and increase your return on investment.

Featured Articles Include:

300 word minimum

Expertly chosen topics and titles for maximum impact

Implementation of any imagery you want to provide

Published on TripShock.com

Performance reporting

Email Campaign

We send out highly targeted emails to our continually growing loyal customer base year round.  Our campaign performance continually beats industry standards year over year.  We do this by segmenting travelers by destination, interest, website activity and past bookings.   Then we craft content specific to each segment and deliver it when they want it.  We never sell or distribute our customer’s information, however, we DO include our partner’s experiences in our communications.  If you would like to be included in this type of communication just reach out!

TripShock Photoshoot

We can tell you from experience that photos matter to travelers.  These days everyone thinks they are a photographer.  They are not.  This is why TripShock employs professionals.  You will be blown away what 2.5 hours with a professional traveler photographer will produce.  Experiences with higher quality images receive more booking – PERIOD.

  • 2.5 Hour photoshoot – on your location.
  • 30+ Expertly edited images
  • Implemented into your product listings
  • Image rights anywhere you desire as long as you have an active contract with TripShock

Promo Video Production

If you haven’t noticed – digital communication is going toward video – FAST! Short, high energy videos have low cost and high impact. Our team of professional photographers/videographers can create a compelling 30-60 second video showcasing your business. The video can also be used in marketing efforts, campaigns and on your website.

Traveler Stories

Can you guess who Travelers are most likely to trust and listen to? Yep – other Travelers. TripShock identifies travelers and asks them to tell their story. These stories include pictures of their family and friends and a overview of their experiences. These stories are from verified travelers and let other travelers know what they can expect. TripShock verifies the stories, creates a piece of content around them with a link to the activity the traveler reviewed and publishes them on our sites to help promote your business!


Full-time Reservationists

Don’t have the time to manage the phone?  We can provide you with a unique phone number that directs travelers to our team of reservationists that will answer the phone on your behalf.  Stop answering the same questions over and over again, get more time back to build your business and let us handle the rest.  Pay nothing hourly and nothing upfront.  The cost of our staff is included in the commission they generate.

Payout Schedule

When TripShock.com makes a booking for you – the funds are securely processed – commission is taken out, and after the activity has taken place the funds are deposited into your account. Transactions cost money, and it costs TripShock more money to do more transfers. This is why the payout frequency is tied to the partnership level.

Live Chat

Our expert, local and knowledgable reservationists are standing by to support your travelers so you don’t have too.

We'd love to show you what we can do for your business.