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Features Basic Partnership Premium Partnership Platinum Partnership
Access to Our Entire Inventory
Activity Booking Revenue Share 5% of total sale 30% of commission 40% of commission
Affiliate Portal Dashboard
Affiliate Support Team email only email only phone and email
Implementation Support Team email only email only email + phone
Personal Account Executive
 Co-Branded Booking Portal  unique link only

 Digital Marketing Media and Content
 Activity Credits Purchase Dashboard  –
 Property Details Activity Widget  –
 Customer Email Export  –
 Custom Affiliate Phone Number  – $100/yr $100/yr
 Access to Industry Reports  –
 Rental Unit Promotional Materials templates provided templates provided templates provided
Property Manager Employee Training email email + phone
Reservation Agent Support
Live Reservation Chat  
Financial & Booking Reports  
Commission Payout Frequency 30 days 30 days 30 days
Commission Payout Method Paypal only Direct Deposit Direct Deposit
Setup Fee $0.00 $150 $300
Annual Fee* $0.00 $499 $999
Guest Activity Credits NA $1.00 per used credit $0.95 per used credit

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Account Features

Access to Our Entire Inventory

From Myrtle Beach to New Orleans and then all the way down to Key West. TripShock has the south east on lock. Hundreds of partners and thousands of activities all at your travelers fingertips. Our partners are the best in their industries and are proven to give your travelers the best experiences possible.

Activity Booking Revenue Share

The TripShock business model is very simple. We provide marketing for traveler visibility and an e-commerce platform to ensure we bring our travelers as many bookings as possible. In turn TripShock keeps a portion of the booking and passed the rest onto our partners. This commission is then shared with our affiliates. In this case – we are sharing it with you, the Property Management company.

Affiliate Portal Dashboard

As an affiliate of TripShock you get access to our affiliate portal. This portal allows you to generate reports, view purchases your travelers have made and see expected payouts. It enables you to monitor your efforts and improve your revenue.

Affiliate Support Team

With over a decade of experience – we know what it takes to book activities. Our dedicated affiliate support team can provide best practices, winning tactics and even marketing assets to get done. Our team cares – because we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

Web Development Support Team

Need help adjusting your website or you do need our nerds to talk to your nerds? Don’t worry we have you covered. We can provide guidance to get you up and running in no time. Not only can we help you weight your options, we can show you examples and provide implementation guidance. We want your site to be successful.

Personal Account Executive

Our platinum accounts are fully managed by a personal account executive. This TripShocker’s job is to monitor your account, report back to you and have monthly meetings to ensure you are maximizing your TripShock opportunities. We will proactively provide you recommendations on things you can try and campaigns that are working for TripShock.


Co-Branded Booking Portal

With this level of partnership you can send your travelers to a co-branded website. You can reap the branding rewards of bringing these amazing experiences to your travelers – ensuring they stay with you again and again. At the same time – it is clear to travelers that if they have any questions about the activities or need help with their reservations – they can contact us. This ensures that there is no extra burden to your support staff.

Digital Marketing Media and Content

Whether you are looking for short video’s, logos, current campaign collateral or even social media content. We have you covered. Our team continually markets our partners on all available platforms and we will gladly help you reuse whatever we generate.

Activity Credits Purchase Dashboard

One of the most exciting aspects of our offering is for Property Managers to be able to issue activity credits to travelers and report on their usage.
Activity credits are similar to a gift card that you can provide your guests. They can be issued electronically through a simple code. These credits can be used in the off season to drive advanced booking. They can be used to encourage travelers to book newly added homes. Many of our Property Managers use them to console guests that may have a problem with their room (peace keepers).

“We are sorry your A/C unit is getting fixed… please use this $100 activity credit to do something fun around town while its under maintenance”

The best part is… the credits are only valid during their stay with you and you only get charged for them if the travelers uses them.

Property Details Activity Widget

We all know that traveler’s care about where the Rental is located. They want to know how far it is from the beach, events, attractions and activities. That’s why we created an embeddable widget that you can add to your site that shows the activities your travelers can book and how close they are to the rental. We’ve seen significant increase in the conversion on property details pages when our widget is used. Its quick loading, responsive and easy to implement.

Customer Export

When a booking occurs with TripShock we capture a lot of data on the customer. When you bring us a booking we provide the option to export this data back to you. You probably already track demographic information, but now you can extend your data with the types of activities your customer is interested in. This allows your company to continually improve your CRM data and therefore send more segmented marketing materials to your travelers all year long.

Custom Affiliate Phone Number

We offer live, local and knowledgable phone reservationists. When a customer calls us to make the booking it is very hard to match the source of the booking and assign affiliate commissions via phone. In order to ensure phone reservation commissions get credited accurately we can create unique phone number for each property manager. This custom phone number ensures proper matching of any bookings that happen over the phone. This costs $100 a year – but can easily pay for itself.

Access to Industry Reports

With millions of travelers visiting our site each year, we aggregate a lot of data. We are continually watching traveler behavior, watching traffic sources, audience demographics and even email engagement. This data is rolled up into aggregated reports that our Market Managers monitor to help improve your business. With these service – we expose these reports to you.

Rental Unit Promotional Materials

Digital assets are very important and can really ensure your travelers book activities before staying with you. However – nothing beats letting a traveler know they can do awesome activities while in your rental. We provide a barrage of customizable templates to create your own business cards, table tents, brochures and refrigerator magnets. A large percentage of activities are booked while “in destination” and therefore being front of mind is really important. Our templates are designed specifically for vistaprint.com which provides very affordable printing for all of our materials. Don’t like ours, no problem – feel free to create your own. Have a specific material request? Just let us know.


Property Manager Employee Training

With our paid programs, TripShock will schedule conference calls with your staff to provide them knowledge. Training topics include: using the affiliate portal, implementing traveler touch points (site, email, social), and even how to sell activities after they have their lodging.

Reservation Agent Support

One great way to monetize your travelers is to up-sell them activities right after they have booked their rental with you – when they are already on the phone with you. This makes your company look – truly full service. If your reservation team needs help – they can reach out via email and/or live chat to our staff. We’re here to help.

Live Reservation Chat

Our expert, local and knowledgable reservationists are standing by to support your travelers so you don’t have too.

Financial & Booking Reports

Your accountant needs specific reports from our team. No problem. Our accountants have been asked everything and we’ve created reports for everything you may need.

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