30a.com Promotes Brand Lifestyle Experiences Using TripShock’s White Label Solution

30a.com Promotes Brand Lifestyle Experiences Using TripShock’s White Label Solution

30a.com Promotes Brand Lifestyle Experiences Using TripShock’s White Label Solution

30A.com is a brand that not only promotes a destination but encompasses the feel of place, the lifestyle of a beach area in a simpler time. A walking friendly, small beach town impression that people working in their offices in Nashville and cubicles in Birmingham constantly dream about.

Mike Ragsdale, who started 30A.com helped get AOL established back in the day, so according to Scott McCloud, director of business development, Mike really knows how to build a brand. It started with the 30A stickers. You can’t go anywhere in the Southeast now without seeing the blue and yellow 30A stickers. Then Facebook almost self promoted with organic growth and re-following. Facebook is now up to half a million followers and less than 1% of those are local. 30A’s Instagram following is now at 100,000 and growing.

30A.com offers a range of products which promote the beach lifestyle and the addition of TripShock’s white label solution enables them to market 30A Tours, a small but important part of the complete mix of lifestyle products, allowing subtle high value monetization of the brand. As TripShock’s CEO, Greg Fisher points out, “Adding 30a Tours (via the white label solution) keeps the whole process ‘sticky’, holding fans and followers on the sites longer and binding them to the 30a experience.”

30A.com continues to market through Facebook and via their press following and site content. They use outbound links from editorials and their main website feeding into the white label booking portal. During periods of high visitation, 30a.com will boost specific social posts that reach a target audience likely to book tours and activities. This is usually in conjunction with a featured editorial or brand initiative. The company also has four bricks and mortar stores across the area and 50 wholesalers selling branded products..

Scott says that TripShock’s White label product fits perfectly with 30A’s philosophy. “They’re local and that’s important to us” but he adds that the set-up process was effortless. “We only needed to add a few links to our website and do a little promotion”.

Mike Ragsdale – CEO 30a.com

TripShock!’s responsiveness is really great. It works effortlessly.

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I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.