Elevating Experiences for Property Managers and Hotels: The Expansion of our Affiliate Program to the TripShock Activity Concierge Service

Elevating Experiences for Property Managers and Hotels: The Expansion of our Affiliate Program to the TripShock Activity Concierge Service

Elevating Experiences for Property Managers and Hotels: The Expansion of our Affiliate Program to the TripShock Activity Concierge Service

We’re thrilled to introduce our enhanced Activity Concierge Service, designed to transform your property’s guest experience and bolster your revenue streams. It’s a comprehensive solution for vacation rental or hotel businesses, offering personalized booking experiences, marketing support, and seamless integration to enhance satisfaction and incremental income, distinguishing it from traditional affiliate programs that are primarily focused on posting links. Let’s do a brief rundown of that traditional affiliate program before we delve into how the new (and FREE!) personalized service works:

The traditional TripShock affiliate link program brings travel affiliate marketing to a multitude of business varieties (from travel bloggers, to local businesses, convention and visitor bureaus, and more) with unique tracking links to incorporate into their digital content, such as websites, blogs, email marketing, print media and social media platforms. These links are coded to each affiliate, enabling accurate attribution of sales when users click through and make bookings or purchases on the TripShock platform. With a user-friendly interface and robust reporting tools, affiliates can easily monitor their earnings and optimize their marketing strategies in real-time.

The benefit of our new Activity Concierge Service, however, is that it takes the power of our traditional program and amplifies it to give property managers, hotels and other accommodation providers a true amenity that turns stays into stories. Here’s a look at what you can expect!


Seamlessness for You, Seamlessness for Your Guests


With the TripShock Activity Concierge Service, we’ve evolved from a simple affiliate link program to a comprehensive solution for your vacation rental or hotel business. We handle everything – from providing you with high-quality print material for your units that gives your guests an easy-to-use, full-service booking experience, to crafting personally tailored implementation plans, and executing strategies. (Just think: highly visible and easily scannable magnets for your refrigerators!) This service allows you to focus on what you do best, as well as for your guests to focus on what matters to them – making vacation memories!


Amenities Redefined



Our traditional affiliate program, while a fantastic solution for content creators, can be more of a one-dimensional, transactional approach. Our concierge service, however, transforms the thousands of activities available on TripShock into a standout amenity for your guests that can set you apart from the competition. Offer them a trusted resource for enjoyable experiences in your destination that comes with live support seven days a week, including personalized recommendations from our locally-based agents and all the post-booking customer service!


Marketing Support Beyond Links


Our Activity Concierge Service comes with a robust marketing support system. From a yearly allotment of local activity blogs and social media posts to unit signage and magnets, all created just for your business, we’ve expanded our reach to provide a holistic promotional strategy that eliminates the heavy lifting on your end.


Boost Your Vacation Rental Owner Partnerships


For larger rental management companies, attracting new owners to list with you can be just as crucial as enticing travelers to stay in your existing properties. With our Activity Concierge Service, you can benefit from happier customers, improved reviews and a major potential value-add to your portfolio. By adding the Activity Concierge Service to your list of amenities you offer, owners will trust that your partnership not only includes caring for their property, but also making your listing as attractive as possible to guests with services not offered by other management companies.


Full-Service Options


Recommendations for your website, social media, and email marketing efforts are part of our standard offering, but we’re here to help if you need an extra hand to get things implemented. If you’d like to provide us access to your stack, our highly-skilled marketing and web team can handle ongoing concierge-related efforts for you. 


You can also opt to delegate the entire email process to us! We’ll work with you to collect guest emails and arrival dates, then enter them into a custom co-branded email workflow. You’ll have full control over the content and frequency, ensuring it aligns with your preferences, presenting the concierge service as a valuable guest benefit in partnership with our companies.


Coming Soon: Custom Portal Integration


Prepare for an enhanced experience with our upcoming custom portal integration. A beautifully designed booking portal is in the works, showcasing your logo and a specially curated selection of TripShock activities aligned with your objectives. Harmoniously blending into your existing website, this portal ensures your guests enjoy the same seamless booking process and post-booking support cherished by all TripShock customers. Stay tuned for a new level of personalized service!


The TripShock Activity Concierge Service transcends the limitations of a traditional affiliate program. It’s a complete package, transforming transactions into memorable vacation experiences and providing unparalleled support for property managers, hotels, and guests alike at zero cost to you.

Ready to embark on this journey with us? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to discuss this transformative service further.