Enhance Your Affiliate Marketing with TripShock’s New Co-Branded Activity Booking Portal

Enhance Your Affiliate Marketing with TripShock’s New Co-Branded Activity Booking Portal

Enhance Your Affiliate Marketing with TripShock’s New Co-Branded Activity Booking Portal

At TripShock, we’re always striving to innovate and provide our partners with the best tools to succeed. Today, we are excited to introduce our latest enhancement to the affiliate program: the co-branded booking portal. 

This new facet offers a more integrated and customizable approach to drive bookings and revenue, complementing the TripShock traditional link-based affiliate program. Vacation rental owners and property managers will find the co-branded booking portal especially beneficial. By integrating this portal, you can enhance the guest experience by offering a convenient, all-in-one booking solution for activities and tours, all while generating additional revenue. 

Let’s dive into the fantastic features and benefits of this new white label affiliate offering!

Customizable Elements for a Tailored Experience


tripshock affiliate white label co branded booking portal

Our white label booking portal is designed with flexibility and personalization in mind. Affiliates can customize various elements to align with their brand and provide a seamless user experience for their customers. Here’s what you can tweak:

    • Subdomain: Enjoy continuity from your website to ours with a yourbusinessname.tripshock.com subdomain.
    • Copy Throughout: Adjust headers, section descriptions, and other textual elements to match your brand’s voice.
    • Header Image and Logo: Upload your own header image and logo to maintain brand consistency.
    • Product Ranking and Display: Choose which products to show, hide, or prioritize in a particular order to best fit your audience’s interests or based on proximity.
    •  Multiple Destinations: Feature several destinations with a dropdown selector, perfect for affiliates operating in multiple markets wanting a unified booking link. This is a fantastic solution for property managers and the like, especially along the popular Florida Panhandle.
    • Featured Activities Carousel: Highlight top selling or your favorite activities with an engaging carousel to captivate your audience’s attention.
    • External URLs: Add up to six external links below activity listings if you’d like (think: restaurants, golf courses, spas and more).
    • FAQs: Our standard set of FAQs can be included to assist customers, but we also offer the option to tailor them to provide a more comprehensive vacation planning resource for your destination. This ensures your customers have all the information they need to book with confidence.
    • Flexible Discount Options: Affiliates can offer a discount to customers directly through the booking portal. This option is particularly useful during slower periods or special promotions. The discount feature operates with a smaller commission split and remains separate from the regular affiliate links on your site, if utilized, giving you full control over your promotional strategies.

The Worry-Free Extras


Set-It-And-Forget-It: We Handle the Updates

One of the greatest advantages of our white label booking portal is its low maintenance. Our team will handle all the updates to the portal, so you can set it and forget it. Whether it’s updating activity listings, refreshing images, or tweaking the text, we’ve got it covered. This allows you to focus on what you do best while we ensure your portal remains current and optimized for performance.

TripShock’s Comprehensive Support

Worried about customer support? Don’t be! TripShock’s dedicated team handles all post-booking customer support, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for your guests. You can also expect the same seamless booking process as all TripShock travelers trust, with thousands of exciting vacation activities, multiple payment options and flexible cancellation policies. 

Quick Turnaround Time

We understand the importance of timely implementation. Our co-branded booking portal has a quick turnaround time, allowing you to start benefiting from this new tool without lengthy delays. It’s also completely FREE to use, even if you are not a current TripShock affiliate.


TripShock’s new white label booking portal is a game-changer for affiliates looking to provide a seamless, branded booking experience while maximizing revenue. Whether you’re a vacation rental owner, property manager, comprehensive destination guide, or another kind of travel affiliate marketer, this customizable and flexible solution is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Ready to elevate your affiliate marketing strategy? Contact us today at [email protected] to get started with your own co-branded booking portal and see the difference it can make for your business!

For more details or to see an example of a customized booking portal, please check out the Emerald Grande or Crab Island booking portal.