TripShock Partner Management – Who’s in Charge Here?

TripShock Partner Management – Who’s in Charge Here?

TripShock Partner Management – Who’s in Charge Here?

The management of our partnerships is essential to TripShock’s continued success and requires the collaboration of multiple teams. You may have noticed that we’ve made some internal shifts, which means you may talk to team members you haven’t worked with before but fear not, we have made the process super easy for you to navigate and understand.

Phasing out having just one person handling our valued partnerships, we now have an entire dedicated frontline to assist you. Sarah leads our first-class TripShock Support team and they are ready if you have questions or concerns, just want to talk about growing your presence on the site, or have calendar or account updates. If you are wanting to gush about how much you love us or even wanting to complain, please reach out to TripShock Support which monitors the channels listed below 7 days per week. They will address your questions or make sure you are contacted by the best team member to assist you.



You can contact Support to:

  • Update your rates and calendars. Have a new reservation software? Let us know!
  • Provide fresh videos, pictures, and other updates regarding your listings or account.
  • Get credentials to access your partner account, respond to reviews, and view your invoice which is available after the 7th of each month.
  • Make sure your bill.com account has been set up and you are receiving payments.

Support can be reached via the following methods:
Via email at: [email protected]
Via live chat at: https://partners.tripshock.com/
Via phone at: 850-424-5125 (Select option #3 when prompted)

Partner Accounts & Supplier Product is all handled by Kimberley and her expert team. Managing the supplier end including partnership applications, onboarding new partners, connecting you with our billing software (bill.com), partner insurances, activity info, product tax and partner tax info, supply product listing edits, and maintaining the supply database so that we have accurate and updated information at all times are just a few of the things they do. They also execute all integrations and API connections, as well as conduct ongoing product reviews to ensure consistency and optimization. Please reach out to Support if you need to reach this team and they will be happy to report whatever your issue or update may be.

Need some help promoting your product? You can find more value through Featured Placement and accelerate your listing with increased visibility and engagement. Premium Placement and WaveRez can help promote your product and or offer you the reservation system you need to help manage your bookings. TripShock and WaveRez are connected with 100% live availability. You can manage your schedule and bookings directly on WaveRez and it stays synced with TripShock, updated in real time. This makes managing orders from your business, online or internal, and TripShock’s bookings seamless. Any questions on WaveRez or Premium Placement, Luke is your guy.

The TripShock Acquisitions and Business Development team handles the recruitment of our new partners and affiliates, conducts ongoing partner check-ins, new product acquisition from existing partners, and other sales. Want to schedule a meeting? No problem, Peggy would love to hear from you.

Each layer of the TripShock onion comes with a specialized team to assist you. Please reach out if you need us and thank you for your continued partnership!

Supportive PDF on partner solutions if needed: tripshock solutions featured placement.pdf