Partner Solutions – Terms of Service

Partners Solutions - Terms of Service

By ordering any service or product from TripShock Partners Solutions you (the client) agree to these terms of service and likewise agree to follow TripShock Partners Solutions’ Usage Policy, as each may be amended or revised from time to time.


  • Featured Placement refers to paid sponsored placement for listings on TripShock.com;
  • Featured Product(s) refers to the listings agreed upon to be selected for Featured Placement;
  • Net Income refers to the income earned by the Partner, including any income, minus TripShock’s commission, that is earned from sales made by TripShock, including but not limited to sales made on TripShock.com, via its telephone reservation line, or via its affiliates.

Partner understands, acknowledges, and agrees to the following terms of service:

  • The balance of payment is due and payable to TripShock by Partner on the Execution Date for Featured Placement of the Featured Product(s).
  • Payment for Featured Placement must be received by TripShock within 10 days of the Execution Date. If payment is not received within 10 days, TripShock will retain [75%] of the Partner’s Net Income until such time as the balance reaches $0.00;
  • Partner agrees that it will not discontinue or in any way impede TripShock’s ability to sell the Partner’s Featured Product until the balance is paid in full;
  • TripShock does not make any guarantees or warranties regarding the performance of the Featured Product, including but not limited to the Featured Product’s impressions, sales, and click through rate;
  • Featured Products are displayed through a ‘round-robin’ logic to provide equitable distribution to the best of TripShock’s abilities;
  • TripShock does not guarantee exclusivity to any Partner and will in no way limit the number of Partners or activities that may sign up for Featured Placement;
  • Featured Placement does not impact placement in any other location on the site, including but not limited to organic placement; and
  • The Partnership Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “Partnership Agreement”) previously acknowledged and agreed to by the Partner remain in full force and effect, except to the extent that this agreement permits TripShock’s retention of the Net Income, and the Partnerships Agreement, including but not limited to its terms regarding indemnification and choice of law, are incorporated herein by reference.