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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the top tour operator questions we receive at TripShock. For questions not answered in this FAQ, please continue to browse our website, or contact partner support.

What if I have questions and don’t want to read these FAQs?

Whether you are an existing Tripshock partner, you want to learn more about partnership, or you have any other questions about Tripshock, our team is here to help and we have real people (our U.S.-based Employees) waiting to answer your call.


Our support team is available to answer questions, assist with customer issues, and generally help in any way they can! If they can’t help you, your question will be referred to the member of our team best able to assist you, and they will reach out to follow up. CLICK HERE for Contact Information.

Why is TripShock so obsessed with watersports and boating activities?

You may not know this, but our Founder, Greg Fisher, used to be in the jetski rental business. In 2009, before the bad word “OTA” existed, he started TripShock in Destin, Florida, offering local watersports and boating operators an effective marketing solution. Over the years, we grew up with amazing companies like Xtreme H2O, Olin Marler, and Luther’s Pontoon & Jet Ski Rentals, who are now like family.


The fact is, TripShock wouldn’t be where we are today without watersports. In recent years, we have become more involved than ever in the watersports community. Greg launched the Awkward Watersports Guys Podcast, with our beloved partner Kevin O’niel, owner of Destiny Water Adventures. We’ve also helped support the growth of their operator Facebook community and each year we co-host a watersports operator forum. What can we say, we just love watersports! That’s why we are committed to becoming the preferred sales partner of watersports and boating activity operators worldwide.

How does the watersports operator program work?

Watersports operators may apply to have their activities listed on Tripshock.com. Once an operator is accepted, we’ll collect the information we need to set up their partner account and create custom listings to showcase their activities on our website. You can find details about our onboarding process here.


Once the operator account is set up and the operator approves their listings, they go live, and we start selling! Our customers can book activities on Tripshock.com or can call our reservation team, which is staffed 7 days a week to answer any detailed questions or offer assistance in choosing an activity.


At the end of the month, we issue an invoice to all of our customers who departed trips that month. Shortly thereafter, we issue payment for the departed trips, minus our commission, via direct deposit (we use bill.com). Operators do not have to invoice us, we pay them automatically each month. Once the account reaches a certain volume of sales, other payment options are available.

Will TripShock work with land-based activity operators?

The short answer… sometimes. We were not always focused on watersports, which is why we still have so many amazing land-based activities on our site. However, in our growing commitment to watersports, we are drastically limiting the number of new land-based partners we will accept.


We are specifically looking for activities that we believe our customers would like to do alongside their watersports activities, like a day at the waterpark or a visit to the local aquarium. We welcome you to submit your application and we will let you know if you are a fit. Even if you aren’t, we encourage you to check out our affiliate program as there may be other ways you can work with Tripshock.

What happens when an operator gets a booking from TripShock?

When a booking occurs the operator gets a text and/or email notifying them of the booking.

If the operator uses WaveRez or Tripshock has an API connection with the operator’s reservation software (a full list is available here), the booking will be automatically confirmed. Availability will also be updated on both the booking software and on Tripshock.

If TripShock does not have a connection, the operator must confirm the booking by email, or by logging into their partner portal.

How can an operator get more exposure on Tripshock.com?

We work hard to bring as much exposure as possible to all of our partners, but if you want to take things up a notch, we have featured placement opportunities that will guarantee increased traffic to your listings.

WaveRez is a booking software designed specifically for watersports operators. While it is a separate company from TripShock, it was also founded by Greg Fisher. TripShock markets the software, and WaveRez partners who work with TripShock enjoy seamless integration with our platform.


You do not have to work with WaveRez to be a TripShock partner (or vice versa) and, in most cases, a reservation system API connection is not required. However, we encourage operators to explore the many wonderful systems that we connect with.


Whether it’s WaveRez, or one of our fantastic rez-tech partners like Fareharbor, having a connection allows us to book for operators in real time, increasing efficiency and overall sales

What other types of opportunities are there to work with TripShock?

Activity providers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from working with TripShock. Our affiliate program opens the door for all types of businesses to create additional income when their customers book with us.


From bloggers to music festivals, restaurants to beach rentals, if you have customers that are booking activities, you could be making income from those purchases. This program is even available to activity operators who want to generate income when their guests do other activities in their area.

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