4 Benefits of Joining a Customer Advocate Program: Enhance Your Travel Experience with TripShock!

4 Benefits of Joining a Customer Advocate Program: Enhance Your Travel Experience with TripShock!

4 Benefits of Joining a Customer Advocate Program: Enhance Your Travel Experience with TripShock!

Traveling is not just about exploring new destinations. It’s about creating unforgettable memories and sharing those experiences with others. If you recently enjoyed an incredible adventure with us and want to spread the word so your family, friends and even your online audience can too, becoming a TripShock customer advocate is an excellent way to do exactly that – with some added perks!

Let’s explore the top four benefits of joining the TripShock affiliate program as a customer advocate and how it can help you amplify your passion for travel.

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Earn Commissions (and Save Money!)


tripshock affiliate in key west

Crazy Family Adventure earns commissions from blogs detailing family vacations in Key West and beyond

One of the most enticing benefits of becoming a TripShock customer advocate is the opportunity to earn passive income for every activity booked through your referral link. Imagine getting rewarded just for sharing your travel experiences on your website, social media, or even print handouts! By inviting friends, family and even your social media followers to book their activities through your advocate link, you can earn a commission for each booking completed.

As the commissions keep rolling in, you can start planning your next big adventure knowing you’ve got cash rewards from your advocacy efforts to utilize toward, say, that pontoon boat rental or private fishing boat charter you’ve had your eye on since your last trip! Some tour operators will even host affiliates, offering discounts or special provisions (like making extra space for all that camera gear). This can be arranged through your affiliate support specialist.


Share Memorable Experiences


Affiliate Allyson Berger shares her first ever jet ski ride in this stylish video

If your TripShock booking led to an experience you’ll never forget, why not share it with others? By becoming a customer advocate, you can spread the joy and excitement you felt during that activity! Just think of, say, the serenity you felt while parasailing 300 feet in the sky above Destin, Florida, gazing at the emerald hues of the Gulf of Mexico below. Or maybe it was the glimmer in your child’s eyes as they watched a pod of dolphins playfully jumping in the wake of a tour boat in Orange Beach, Alabama, sparking a curiosity for marine life.

Through your advocacy, you can inspire others to embark on similar adventures, creating a ripple effect of memorable experiences and unforgettable moments.


Grow Your Travel Expertise and Network


“To Do In Destin” Instagram channel covers a range of awesome experiences in Destin, FL for the whole family


Are you a marketing pro who wants to kick it up a notch? TripShock affiliate links are flexible enough to use on nearly any platform or channel, allowing you to creatively promote your advocate link and maximize your referral opportunities. From Facebook groups and travel forums to Instagram stories and YouTube travel videos, you can leverage your existing online presence to reach and inspire a much broader audience.

Share your experiences, highlight the activities you enjoyed the most and encourage others to book through your advocate link for an unforgettable vacation. The more you promote and engage, the greater your chances of earning commissions and expanding your travel network.


Support a Trusted and Reliable Activity Booking Platform


Tripshock.com offers simple and trustworthy online booking in over 37 destinations across the USA

TripShock is a reputable and reliable online platform for booking travel experiences. By becoming a customer advocate, you have the opportunity to support a small but mighty company who in turn uplifts local small businesses, like the fishing charter captains and parasailing tour operators that pride themselves in helping travelers like you create picture perfect vacation memories.

With TripShock’s extensive range of activities and destinations, along with our outstanding customer care and unbeatable pricing, you can confidently recommend tours and activities, knowing that others will receive top-notch service and an unforgettable travel experience. Being part of the customer advocate program allows you to contribute to TripShock’s success while promoting responsible and sustainable tourism.



Joining TripShock’s affiliate program as a customer advocate is an exciting opportunity for travel enthusiasts like you to share your amazing experiences. Through travel and tour-based referral marketing, you’ll earn rewards along the way and make a lasting impact on others’ vacation experiences long after you leave the destination. Don’t miss out on this fantastic chance to turn your passion for travel and the memories you made into a rewarding endeavor both personally and financially.

Click here to create your free affiliate account and get started spreading the joy of unforgettable travel moments to friends, family and beyond today!

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