From what we’ve seen see so far, 2022 has been slower than 2021, yet still more profitable than 2019. Does it mean that tourists’ post-covid hunger for traveling is over, and we are returning to average industry figures? Let’s find out in this blog post!

Let’s not forget that 2021 was an anomalous year. At TripShock, we saw substantial increases in 2021 compared to 2020 (no surprise there) and blew 2019 out of the water. Many of our watersports operators saw the highest sales volume they have ever experienced. We all got a little spoiled and hoped that 2022 would demonstrate the same trend. While strong and on trend to exceed 2019, few operators are beating 2021 numbers. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we should lay back and do nothing to grow our travel businesses, especially with the ongoing predictions for the anticipated economic recession. With that said, let’s examine what travel experts claim tour operators should be doing and find out why running an outdoor tourism company, particularly one that is watersports centered, is a big win.

A recent Forbes article states, “Studies show a substantial increase in outdoor recreation participation and fitness activities among Americans since the pandemic, and more than 60% of those who took up new activities in this surge say they intend to keep doing them afterwards.” Just one year before, TripShock’s CEO, Greg Fisher, claimed that now is the best time to start your watersport business. Below are 3 more reasons why outdoor tourism will continue to grow as a trend and why tour operators shouldn’t overlook an opportunity to grow their attraction business.

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#1: Sustainable Tourism



Preluding the pandemic and continuing in the post-pandemic world, U.S. vacationers have become more willing to pay more for authentic, sustainable experiences. Generally speaking, eco-friendly tourism has become a movement in the U.S. The demand is expected to continue growing at a CAGR of 9.72%, with projected incremental growth of USD 235.21 billion by 2025. Watersport businesses and outdoor recreation activities, such as walking tours, fit perfectly into the sustainable tourism concept, so don’t miss the next big trend in travel!


#2: Travelers Realized the COVID Lockdowns Themselves Harmed their Health



Renewed relationship with nature, prevalence of mental health challenges, better health awareness are all the consequences of the lingering pandemic. The good news is that if you run eco tours or other nature-related activities like bird watching and biking or beach related activities, a travelers willingness to get outside presents a perfect opportunity to exponentially grow your business.


#3: Adventure Travel is a Revived Concept



Research suggests that it will always be important to exercise at home, however, it will never replace the need for outdoor activity. Consider: Not only can the outdoors make you smarter, more self aware, better at exercise and less stressed, it can also be the ideal professional market to be in right now. This just might be your chance to satisfy the demand of post-covid eager beaver travelers.


What’s the Forecast for Outdoor Tour Operators?



The pandemic came, saw and stuck around too long but for outdoor tour operators, this contributed to a shift in people wanting to get outside and experience life off the covid couch. The outlook is clear skies and improving every day, especially for those in the watersports industry. If you aren’t already experiencing the proven results of TripShock, now is the perfect time to test the waters and delegate your marketing to us. Haven’t had an opportunity to figure out how to use email marketing, and do terms like “SEM” and “SEO” sound alien to you? Let us help take a load off so you can focus on what’s most important for you and your team; providing exceptional service to your customers! Let’s talk about it! Drop us a line today.