FareHarbor Connection Makes Selling with TripShock Easy!

FareHarbor Connection Makes Selling with TripShock Easy!

FareHarbor Connection Makes Selling with TripShock Easy!

TripShock’s FareHarbor API connection allows us to pull your pricing and availability directly from your FareHarbor account. What does that mean for you? It means we can book for you in real time, so that you don’t have to separately manage or confirm our orders. Likewise, when an order is made on TripShock.com, your FareHarbor schedule/availability will update automatically. The opposite is also true, if you sell out, your trip will no longer be available on TripShock.com. This means less time wasted and for the reasons we will discuss in more detail below, it means more money saved and more business earned.


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How does the FareHarbor Connection Impact Customer Service?


Without a reservation system connection, like the FareHarbor API connection, our orders must be confirmed by our partner’s reservation team, after the guest makes a purchase on our site. While we make every effort to provide our partners with tools and support to keep their calendars up to date, overbookings do occur and sometimes customers have to be rescheduled or moved to another tour, which isn’t good for anyone! With the API connection, as long as your availability is up to date on FareHarbor, it will also be up to date on our site. What’s even better is that your reservation team won’t have to confirm our bookings! They will be automatically confirmed via the API! This will help save time, money and resources so that you can focus on what you do best, giving guests amazing experiences.


How does the FareHarbor Connection Impact Sales?


Over 70% of the sales on TripShock.com are made within 48 hours of the customer doing the activity or visiting the attraction. The FareHarbor API connection allows us to book up until the moment that you stop booking guests (i.e. whatever cutoff you set on FareHarbor), without overwhelming your team with last minute confirmations. The lower the cutoff, the more sales you will see on our site.


Things to know once your listing goes live


Already a TripShock partner and want to better understand how the connection works on the day to day? Here are the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our partners about the connection. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our Partner Support Team at [email protected].


Does TripShock have access to my FareHarbor dashboard?


No, we do not have access to your dashboard. We pull your prices and schedule information via an API connection. We do not pull, or have access to, any other information on your dashboard.


Do I have to pay the 6% FareHarbor fee on TripShock orders?


No, FareHarbor’s 6% fee does not apply to TripShock orders made through the API.


Will my TripShock listing update when I make changes on my FareHarbor dashboard?


The only portions of your TripShock listing that will update when you make changes to your FareHarbor account are the ticket prices and schedule. When you are booked up, please be sure that all of your availability is closed on FareHarbor or customers will still have the option to book on our site.


How do I change my prices and schedule on TripShock?


You simply need to update your price sheet and schedule on FareHarbor and your listing on our site will be updated automatically. Depending on whether you add new ticket types, or update existing tickets, we may need to make updates on our end as well, so always let us know when you are making price changes. You do not need to notify us when you update your schedule, blackout dates etc. 

**IMPORTANT NOTE** If you have wholesale rates in place with TripShock, you must notify us when you make a price change so that the wholesale rate can be updated. Otherwise, you will not be paid the correct amount.


If I cancel and refund an order on FareHarbor will it cancel and refund it on TripShock?


NO!! If you want a TripShock customer to be canceled and refunded you must notify our reservation team. Canceling an order or clicking the “refund” button on your FareHarbor dashboard will not issue a refund to a TripShock customer.


What happens when a TripShock customer needs to make changes to their order (For example, to add additional tickets)?


TripShock is unable to update an order after it is made. As a result, if a customer wants to add additional tickets, or move their trip to another date, we must cancel the order and rebook it. Please note, we will never cancel and refund an order inside the cancellation window unless we have your permission, so if you see a cancellation that was not approved, that order was likely canceled and rebooked.


What happens when a customer needs a partial refund?


If a customer needs a partial refund, please contact our reservation team as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of the refund, there are various ways in which the refund will be handled and it must be addressed on a case by case basis.


Can TripShock representatives see notations to orders that I add on my FareHarbor dashboard?


No. If there is something you need TripShock to know about a particular order, please contact our reservation team.


Can additional options like gratuity or damage deposits be charged by TripShock?


No. Gratuity, deposits, damage fees, etc. are not subject to our commission and are your responsibility to collect onsite when the guest arrives. However, we will make a note in the listing so that the customer is aware they will be charged on site and are not caught off guard.


What if I want to make additions to a reservation when the customer arrives (e.g. add a photo package, sunscreen, t-shirt etc.)?


You can charge the customer for any additional purchases that are made onsite. However, please note that you must collect payment. Simply adding the additional charge to their FareHarbor order will not cause their card to be charged by TripShock. We do not have the ability to go back and charge the customer’s card for the add ons if you forget to take payment on site.

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