TripShock Rolls out Rezdy and Bókun Integrations

TripShock Rolls out Rezdy and Bókun Integrations

TripShock Rolls out Rezdy and Bókun Integrations

At TripShock, we understand the value of reservation software connections and we’ve been hard at work building more integrations for our partners than ever before! 

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Tripshock is now able to connect with partners via the Bókun and Rezdy Marketplaces. Both of the integrations are in beta testing, but we are very excited to be working with these two awesome companies.

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Benefits of the Rezdy and Bókun Integrations


Connecting with TripShock via the Rezdy and Bókun marketplaces means real time availability on Tripshock.com, reduced chances of overbooking, and less work for your team. Want a better understanding of how integrations can help your team? Check out our latest blogs, FareHarbor Connections Makes Selling with TripShock Easy and How Watersport Companies Using WaveRez Benefit from Partnership with TripShock!.

One unique feature offered by these integrations is the ability to communicate with TripShock customers directly through the Rezdy or Bókun marketplaces. All of the customer data is available to the operators so that they can send emails, additional information, barcodes, vouchers etc. without having to go through TripShock. Of course each customer will still receive a TripShock voucher and receipt, and TripShock will collect payment.


Partnering with TripShock on the Rezdy and Bókun Marketplaces


If you are interested in partnering with TripShock, first submit your application to TripShock and be sure to indicate which reservation platform you use. You will then receive an email setting out your commission % and a call from our team to make sure you know the ropes and are ready to move forward.

If you use Bókun, once you submit your application and are accepted, you can go to the Bókun Marketplace, select TripShock (be sure to select the US based tripshock), add the commission agreed upon in your TripShock contract, then send the Bókun contract over via the marketplace. Please be advised that we are currently unable to support multiple pricing tears, but we expect to be able to accommodate them soon.

If you use Rezdy, we will send you a contract via the marketplace and request a negotiated rate that you can approve, along with whichever activity listings you have access to. When approving the listings, be sure to set them to “manual full payment to agent,” because TripShock will be collecting payment, then remitting it to you minus our commission at the end of each month.


Current TripShock Partners Using Bókun and Rezdy


If our team has not already reached out to you, please reach out to [email protected] as soon as possible so that our team can get to work and connect to your account.

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