7 Attractive Valentine’s Day Vacation Activities for Couples

7 Attractive Valentine’s Day Vacation Activities for Couples

7 Attractive Valentine’s Day Vacation Activities for Couples

A widely observed and appreciated holiday around the world, Valentine’s Day is more than just a day to express love, but to celebrate it. And while people choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day in many different ways, one of the most common is taking a romantic trip with one’s significant other.

It’s perhaps unsurprising then that recent studies have shown travel is one of the most popular gifts someone can give to their spouse or lover. In fact, a recent study conducted by Wakefield Research showed that people listed a vacation as their preferred gift by a large margin over material things such as flowers, jewelry or chocolate. Simply put, couples tend to choose experiences together over things they may want.

The good news for couples is that, on Valentine’s Day, many businesses, travel and tour operators offer incredible deals to save them money on the experiences they are looking for. So what experiences are those exactly? We’ve compiled a list of 7 Attractive Valentine’s Day Vacation Activities for Couples to give our TripShock partners some ideas of what they could highlight for this particularly lovely holiday season.


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Beach Days



Is there anything more relaxing and serene than a day at the beach? It’s one thing to imagine the calm breeze, clear sky and the beautiful waves washing rhythmically on the sand with an ice-cold beverage in hand. But it’s just so much better to actually be there – especially with your significant other.

Not only is a day at the beach one of the most peaceful and romantic activities for couples, but the beach is also one of the most popular getaway destinations according to Search Influence’s Travel Marketer’s Guide to Capturing the Romance Market. This should be great news for so many of our TripShock partners that offer activities on or around beaches. So, get ready for couples looking for some fun on the sand, but also for those who simply want to lounge out in the sun!


Sunset Cruises


couple watching sunset drinking coffee


What’s the perfect way to end a perfect day on a beach vacation? It has to be watching a gorgeous sunset with your partner. But for those looking to make the moment even more special, witnessing the incredible hues of a sunset while on a luxury boat cruise will do the trick.

Travel and tourism statistics show that bookings for sunset cruise excursions have gone up by 89% since 2017. Those are certainly exciting numbers for our TripShock partners that offer such cruises. But for couples, that means they better book quickly, because spots on the boat may dry up!

Here are some of the experiences we’re offering in Destin, Florida, thanks to our terrific partners there!


Boat Rides


couple with view overlooking cliff and boat in the ocean


While a sunset cruise will certainly create lasting memories for most couples, any boat ride can be a fun and romantic aquatic adventure for travelers. Whether out on the ocean, a lake or a river, being on the water is a getaway from life on land and an opportunity for couples to get some much-needed alone time. Not to mention, being out on a boat can also be a ton of fun!

When it comes to what type of boat ride, it may not matter as much to vacationers. In fact, recent statistics show that bookings for snorkeling activities, catamaran cruises, kayaking and canoeing experiences, and sailing trips are all on the rise in recent years. So, TripShock partners that offer one of more of these activities should get their gear ready for vacationing couples!


Marine Life Tours and Experiences


dolphins in the water


Being out on the water can be fun and relaxing, but seeing marine life up close can be exhilarating and fascinating. For couples, it can also be a special bonding experience that creates lifelong memories. It’s not every day you get a glimpse of a giant whale, swim alongside a colorful school of fish near the reef or play with a dolphin, so taking in that experience with your partner can truly be unforgettable.

Fortunately, most beach towns, vacation destinations and many of our TripShock partners offer all kinds of opportunities for travelers to share the water with a fellow marine mammal, or perhaps simply view them in their natural habitat. They really are great activities for couples any time of year, but will certainly make a Valentine’s Day vacation extra special.

Here are some of the experiences we’re offering in Destin, Florida, thanks to our terrific partners there! If you’re interested in documenting your experience and promoting on a website or social media page, be sure to become a TripShock customer advocate!


Camping, Hiking and Nature Tours


couple backpacking through the rocky wilderness


Beach days and boat tours may be increasing in popularity, but when many couples think of “getting away,” they are envisioning being with nature and disconnecting from their busy lives at work and at home. For those who love the outdoors, camping with their partner and sleeping under the stars, or traveling through a secluded part of nature, might be far more romantic than spending the day at a crowded beach.

So, it may not be surprising that sales for camping and guided hiking tours have also been on the rise during the COVID-19 era. According to a 2020 Washington Post article, American travelers in particular have been flocking to outdoor activities as many indoor venues have closed or temporarily shut down due to the pandemic. And while many parts of the country are beginning to open up, we can expect these types of activities will remain popular for couples, especially those who place a premium on their privacy and alone time.

(Photo credit for image above: Zach Dischner)


Romantic Dinners


fancy couple toasting on a dinner date


Of course, part of any romantic getaway vacation is finding great places to enjoy a meal, drinks and the local nightlife. And with Valentine’s Day being one of the biggest days of the year for dining out, travel and tour operators should keep in mind that couples are going to likely be looking for recommendations on where to go in town for great food and intimate aesthetics.

According to the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association, cuisine has become a top priority for today’s travelers, especially as “foodie culture” continues to permeate social life for couples across the globe. So, it’s good to know where the trendy food spots are, as well as the local favorites, in order for you to cater as best as you can to couples looking to spark that romantic flame.


Live Entertainment


koalika band playing in front of live concert crowd


Speaking of nightlife, after a romantic dinner, most couples on a Valentine’s Day vacation are going to be looking for a place to go afterward, instead of heading back to the hotel or resort (especially if they are already all dressed up). If your town or community is known for a particular “scene,” (whether that be comedy, music or theater), be sure to point your guests and your customers in the right direction for them to have a fantastic night out.

Any type of live entertainment can be a great nightcap for an evening. But if there are big names in town, such as well-known bands, singers or other performers, it can be a great way to showcase the local scene and give tourist couples more reasons to stick around for an extra night (or two).

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