Affiliate Referrals Increase as TripShock Taps New Markets

Affiliate Referrals Increase as TripShock Taps New Markets

Affiliate Referrals Increase as TripShock Taps New Markets

TripShock is moving into a new era of affiliate marketing in 2018. With record affiliate sales so far this summer, Content Manager Mike Fisher is confident the massive growth in the affiliate program so far this year is just beginning.

“Since hiring our new marketing expert Stephanie McIntosh, we have effectively entered a new era in our affiliate program. We are leveraging online influencers and established travel companies alike to raise brand awareness and obtain revenue.” Fisher stated at a recent marketing meeting at the TripShock headquarters in Destin, FL.

Social Media

When the affiliate program first began in 2011, local travel entities were the focus for affiliate marketing. The City of Destin along with other municipal and private travel agencies agreed to place links to TripShock in exchange for a commission upon the sale of a tour or activity.

More recently, the focus has shifted towards social media. Instagram, Facebook, and blog influencers hold more power than ever before. Where affiliates used to rely on a general link to the TripShock.com homepage, now they are able to create deep links to specific tours and activities. By integrating TripShock url’s in articles, banners, and social media posts as opposed to mainly directory web pages, new affiliates are able to capture more leads and drive more sales than ever before. By reaching out to travel bloggers and popular social media channels, Fisher and McIntosh were able to increase affiliate revenue by over 4000% in June alone!

Updates to the Program

Along with a renewed vision in attracting younger and more viable affiliates, Fisher also set forth new guidelines to keep the program running efficiently. Along with updates to the support, signup, and testing process, the following changes are scheduled for implementation by the end of summer 2018.

  • Dedicated affiliate email address
  • An automated email alert system
  • Informative and indepth FAQ and Help Guide available to affiliate members
  • New & exciting modules including pre-made banners, ads, and viral videos
  • Paypal integration for expedited commission payments

If you’re interested in learning more about our affiliate program, please visit http://partners.tripshock.com/affiliates/.

Media Contact:

Martin Owen: Director of Partnerships – Destinations & Accommodations. 850-420-1934. [email protected]

About TripShock:

Destin-based TripShock has been in operation for 9 years offering reservations of curated tours, tourist services, and experiential activities. Over 300 activities are offered in multiple destinations across the Northern Gulf Coast from Panama City to New Orleans, South Carolina and other destinations in Florida. The company provides white label and affiliate programs to Property Managers, CVBs, and Accommodation providers. TripShock represents tour operators and tourism services providers.

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