How to Make your Pontoon Boat Rentals suitable for Bachelorette Parties

How to Make your Pontoon Boat Rentals suitable for Bachelorette Parties

How to Make your Pontoon Boat Rentals suitable for Bachelorette Parties

In the previous blog, we talked about factors that tour operators should pay attention to when organizing tours in their own city, by using Nashville, TN (the self-proclaimed bachelorette capital of the US) as an example. In this blog, we will connect the dots by looking into how pontoon boat rental businesses can create custom their packages for bachelorette parties. Summer is just around the corner and it’s wedding season in the U.S., which means this is a perfect time to get things rolling.

There are many places in the U.S. known for being bachelorette party destinations and Nashville climbed up to the top very recently. Even if you are not located in one of the top bachelorette destinations, your rentals can still leverage the experiential turn’s power to get more bookings. Stick around to learn more about how your pontoon boat rental business can attract and capitalize off bachelorette parties.


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Lessons Pontoon Boat Operators can Learn from Nashville




There are many reasons why Nashville became a capital for bachelorette parties, but we will focus on the key ones applicable to watersport operators in this blog.


#1: Nashville Offers Many Watersport Options to Choose From




As unusual as it may seem, the variety of options for watersports, such as Canoe, SUP, and Boating, is one of the reasons why travelers are attracted to Nashville. This, along with its exciting nightlife, make Nashville an ideal destination for bachelorette parties. If your area is also rich in water-based activities and offers fun land-based options, then consider it an opportunity to grow. Even if it doesn’t, there may be other groups that your city attracts and those groups present opportunities for growth as well.


#2. Nashville Watersport Operators Fit Their Offerings into City Theme




Many Nashville watersport operators are taking advantage of the city’s new title as the top bachelorette destination, and pontoon rental companies like High Tide Rides developed offerings to fit this theme. Knowing what attracts travelers and vacationers to choose one destination over another is a great way to identify what custom options will be most lucrative in your city. For example, if your city is spending marketing dollars to promote it as a top conference destination, then creating custom packages for groups of traveling coworkers might be something to consider, as well as opportunities to partner with local convention centers.


#3. Nashville Businesses Participate in Hospitality Safety Program



Good to Go is the CVB’s hospitality safety program to help Nashville residents and visitors easily identify businesses in every industry that are committed to their health and safety. Many companies, including watersport operators, choose to participate in this program and are included on the aforementioned list. Determining if there are any similar COVID-related programs in your area that you could take advantage of is another way to capitalize off your city’s resources and make your guests feel safe. While there are many folks out there anxious to get married, many travelers are still mindful of social distancing. Mask protocols being in place and followed by businesses make guests feel safer booking with you.

Regardless of what programs your city offers, be sure to monitor the  CDC COVID guidance on boat capacity in your state. Although some states like Texas have already lifted all COVID-related restrictions, there are still states like Michigan where the number of confirmed cases are going through the roof. To help you manage your capacity, TripShock has integrated with FareHarbor and WaveRez reservation softwares to avoid overbooking. If you are interested in learning more about how this integration works, drop us a line and let our representatives know that you heard about it through this blog.

Now that we have identified why operators in cities like Nashville should consider custom bachelorette packages, let’s explore what some of those packages might look like.


Bachelorette Party Package Customization Options for Pontoon Boat Rentals


When it comes to pontoon boats, tour operators are well aware that pontoon boats are smooth cruisers that offer their guests a comfortable ride. This, along with their ability to access shallow areas perfect for floating and swimming, and their large flat deck, make them great for parties. So how can you customize your pontoon boat rental offering for bachelorette parties?

It’s pretty simple, just consider the following add-ons:


Offer a Captained Charter




While it’s very common for bachelorette parties to rent pontoon boats, providing a licensed captain can be a much safer option for guests. Take this  Captained Double-Decker Pontoon with Slide Charter for example. Since bachelorette parties almost always involve drinking, it can be dangerous for your customers to drive a boat, not to mention the liability concerns. 

Some destinations have sandbars or secret islands that can easily be incorporated into the adventure. These present a great opportunity to take the group places they haven’t been, while also giving them room to social distance. 


Provide Food and Supplies




Some partygoers like to bring their own food, but having a few stock options that guests can purchase as an add-on, is something to consider. Some tour operators like BBQ Pontoon choose to have built-in grills on their vessels, but it’s important to keep in mind the safety concerns. 

A simpler option would be to offer premade fruit and snack platters and dessert boards. There are lots of great examples on Pinterest, or you could partner with a local business to prepare these items. The right presentation boosts the overall dining experience for consumers, so it’s important to take this into consideration so that you look professional. Check out these classy bachelorette foods.


Provide Booze



No bachelorette party is complete without Champagne.  While some laws might prevent you from providing booze to your guests if you can supply it, be sure to come up with options that fit with the overall experience.  

If you are looking to accommodate high-end customers, consider offering an expensive champagne brand.  High-end customers are willing to pay what others think are unreasonable prices if you can establish your authority and credibility. However, these options may be more suitable for yacht charters, than pontoon charters.  If you study your market and find that it doesn’t cater to higher-end guests or your boat just isn’t overly fancy, look into affordable champagne brands

If local law doesn’t allow you to provide booze, then offer coolers filled with ice and plastic cups. Upcharge for themed cups and other decoration options discussed below.


Offer Picture Packages




If your captain is a decent photographer, photo and video packages can be a great option.  With your guests’ permission you can use these photos to promote your brand on social media and you can also charge a flat fee for taking and providing the photo files to your guests when the experience ends.  

Regardless of whether you supply the photos or not, you want to make sure your customers spread the word about your brand so be sure to remind guests to tag your company in all posts and spread the word to their friends and family. 


Provide Decorations and Games




Offering to provide themed decorations gives you the power to decide what is going to be on your boat so that you can assure that it is appropriate for the boat and the water. There are so many options out there including these awesome ones from Stag & Hen. Sites like Pinterest and Amazon can also be great for inspiration and decoration ideas.

Just be sure to clearly articulate what you will be providing. If your guests are bringing their own decorations you should give them guidelines as to what will be acceptable and what won’t (for example, no glass cups or bottles).

Finally, it goes without saying that no bachelorette party is complete without bachelorette party games. Consider incorporating a game into your offering and tying it into the overall theme and decor. 


Provide Music Options



Another critical component of any good party is great music. Whether you highlight your boat’s sound system and remind guests to bring their favorite device and playlist, or offer to provide themed playlists that will enhance the party vibe, music is absolutely essential.  If you are providing the music, be sure to get a feel for the guest and their preferences so that you can accommodate their tastes. 




To wind up, remember that at the end of the day,  whenever it comes to celebrations like bachelorette parties, customers are looking for an Instagram-worthy experience.  Not only does this make your guests happy, but it will also inspire them to share their experience with others and provide you with free advertisement and referrals.  Feel free to mix and match the package options we have discussed and develop a combination that works for you.  

If you want more industry-related advice and to understand how TripShock! can help your pontoon rental business grow, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by submitting your inquiry. TripShock can help you reach more customers, and our watersport pros can help modernize your pontoon rental business for the digital age! See what other watersport operators say about us.

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