TripShock Adds Peek Integration to Streamline Booking and Maximize Tour Sales

TripShock Adds Peek Integration to Streamline Booking and Maximize Tour Sales

TripShock Adds Peek Integration to Streamline Booking and Maximize Tour Sales

TripShock, the online marketplace for tours and activities, goes above and beyond to maximize efficiency for travel business owners. Covering everything from booking to live support, TripShock is constantly integrating new ways to maximize convenience and impact for partners. An important tool in this process is the adaptation of several API connections. With partners in mind, TripShock is thrilled to add the Peek booking software to its list of integrations. 

TripShock uses API connections to maximize efficiency and revenue for partners, as it enables the marketplace to seamlessly manage bookings and optimize sales. With existing connections to Xola, FareHarbor, WaveRez, Bókun, and Rezdy, the newest update with Peek Pro will help even more TripShock partners minimize workloads and save time. Keep reading to learn how to use Peek and TripShock together to streamline sales and booking.

How to Connect Peek

TripShock simplifies the process so API connections are easy! Below are three simple steps to get started today. You can also contact TripShock directly at 850-424-5125 ext. 3  if you have questions along the way. 

  1. To connect via Peek, send us your seller ID.
  2. Add the TripShock app to your dashboard.
  3. Once the connection is live, we will reach out to confirm. If necessary, we’ll run a test order so you can see how it appears on your end.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Please find below frequently asked questions about the Peek integration upon set up. You can also reach out to us via phone or email for additional support or information. 

Can you change orders?

 No, rebooking is the way to fix an order.

Can TripShock see our orders? 

No, we do not have access to partners’ Peek dashboards and are unable to see any orders on their end once placed with us.

What will change on TripShock? 

The only parts of your TripShock listing that will change when you update Peek are availability and prices. If the details of your trip change, you will need to inform us so we can update our end as well.

What happens when an order is canceled? 

Canceling orders on a partner’s system will not cancel them or refund them on TripShock’s system. You must contact us in order to get customer orders canceled and refunded.

Take Advantage of the Peek + TripShock Connection

If you are an existing partner that uses Peek, please contact [email protected] and we will make sure your listings are connected. If you are a Peek partner that is interested in working with TripShock, please email [email protected] and a member of our supply team will reach out to you!

Other TripShock API Integrations

TripShock is constantly innovating to establish a seamless sales flow for travel partners and exceptional experience for customers. Browse the TripShock blog to learn more about the tools available for partners to sell more tours.


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