How Your Website Can Make Money Selling Activities

How Your Website Can Make Money Selling Activities

How Your Website Can Make Money Selling Activities

The TripShock Affiliate Program

Travel sites… they’re everywhere, and to accommodate the large amount of people who love to travel, they’re carving out a pretty sizable chunk of real estate across the web by the minute. If your website is one of them, you may be in need of a method to sustain its profitability, and give it a way to stand out among the ever-growing crowd, and not just through sponsored content, partnerships, or paid ads. Maybe you’ve considered using your website to make money by inspiring travelers to buy the things they do on vacation, the moments they’ll always remember?

Make Money Selling Activities with your Website

The TripShock Travel Affiliate Program allows you to monetize your existing website and content on an ongoing basis, while also giving you endless opportunities for new content and SEO boosts from niche angles. Whether you’re a customer looking for a side hustle, or a tour provider seeking a new passive income opportunities, the affiliate program can help.

Beyond flights, hotels, and the destination itself, travelers want to know what to do when they get there, and this allows you to guide them toward the best tours, activities, attractions, and rentals (i.e. pontoon boats, beach chairs, etc.) for their stay with the use of an affiliate link that benefits both you and the customer when they order. It’s a win-win for bloggers, accommodation providers, influencers, and more!

What Sets TripShock Apart

So, what sets TripShock and our Affiliate Program apart from other online travel agencies? First and foremost, we’re family-owned and family-focused. The majority of our destinations are well-known family vacation spots, from Destin, FL, to Myrtle Beach, SC, to Gulf Shores, AL, and many more, with activities, tours, and attractions that deliver wholesome fun for all ages. While a myriad of agencies attract the millennial traveler, our primary purchasers are, you guessed it, moms!

Make Money Selling Activities with TripShock

And because we’re not a mega-entity with offerings in every city on the planet, we pride ourselves in building and maintaining relationships with our tour providers. This means we often have unique, locally-owned experiences you won’t see on any other booking site, giving you an advantage over bloggers or accommodation providers who use other Travel Affiliate Marketing Programs. The relationship we cultivate with our affiliates is special. It’s our goal to work with each affiliate personally, and watch them be successful with our program… and we have a lot of success stories!

How It Works

The TripShock Affiliate Program allows you to send your site visitors directly to tours, activities, attractions, and rentals on TripShock.com with the use of a unique URL attributed to your account, which can be created quickly and easily in our portal. Next, it’s time to let your creativity guide you, as you’ll have the ability to work these links into content anywhere you see fit. Just think… blog posts, destination guides, ebooks, promotional or confirmation emails, social media posts, online groups, and more, depending on your niche!

While some travel companies may offer to, for example, pay for a writer’s stay at a hotel or cover your tour in exchange for including them in your content, this gives you an opportunity to earn money from your website perpetually, in many cases, without even experiencing the activity. And, when you’ve got a solid SEO strategy and our links in place, you can practically set it, forget it, and watch the clicks come in.

Use Your Website to make Money using SEO

Each unique link has a 7-day cookie life, which allows you to earn a 5% commission if a customer clicks and places an order within that time frame. With over 80% of TripShock travelers booking less than three days in advance, you’ll be able to convert highly-qualified leads who are often already in-destination. Our family-friendly locales often mean higher average order values, as there are more individuals in a group, and even more enticing activities for every age!

How to Get Started

It’s quite easy to get the ball rolling! If you think your site has what it takes to join our affiliate program, please fill out a quick inquiry form and tell us a little bit more about yourself here. We’ll review your information to ensure you have an established web presence, and see if your content is in line with our brand. Our team will be in touch within 1-2 business days if it’s a match!

Join the Affiliate Program Today

For more information on the program, please contact us at [email protected].

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