What are TripShock Listings, and Why are They So Important?

What are TripShock Listings, and Why are They So Important?

What are TripShock Listings, and Why are They So Important?

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Who is TripShock, Anyway?



TripShock is based in Destin, Florida, which is known as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village” and home to the nation’s largest commercial fishing fleet. Florida-born and bred, and even after 15 years, we continue to admire with childlike, wide-eyed wonder the captains’ abundant tall tales of the ones that got away. To us, that is what it’s all about, and as a result, we strive to produce meaningful and memorable adventures for everyone. We want to offer the best browsing, booking, and activity completion experiences available anywhere. And who better to do that for our guests and our partners than a bunch of watersports-loving tech geeks?


What Exactly Does TripShock Do?


Fishing and watersports dominate the Destin Harbor, and no season would be complete without getting out on the Bay & Gulf with friends and family. The views across the water from HarborWalk Village on any given Saturday will bring just about everyone a satisfying sense of ease coupled with some good ol’ fashioned contentment. There is something eternally nostalgic about seeing the boats anchored at Crab Island or seeing the variety of vessels bustling through the harbor alongside kayaks, skiffs, yachts, and trawlers. It’s a camaraderie of like-mindedness of those in the know about the benefits of water as well as those just searching for a little fun, a lot of adventure, and an endless summer…and we can honestly tell you guys, that is what we are looking for too!


What is a TripShock Listing?


At TripShock, the product pages, digital ads, or listings are arguably some of the most important pieces of the TripShock puzzle, after all, they’re what bring so many visitors to tripshock.com. A customer is attracted to a particular product so they peruse, compare and contrast, and ultimately decide whether to book the experience or not. It’s essential that TripShock has not only alluring and captivating but also the most user-friendly listings possible. After all, a large majority of our customers are moms, and they’re busy enough! We’re just trying to make their lives easier. A successful listing is built on beautiful imagery, a compelling narrative, and a competitive price. It not only tells a customer exactly what to expect and why they should book, but it is also used as a tool for our Reservations Team to sell partner experiences.


What is the Anatomy of a TripShock Listing?


There are several components of the TripShock listing, and these are always pretty uniform across the board with consideration to the exact product type. We make our comprehensive sales pitch in the description section, meant to inspire guests to convert their browsing experiences into sales and some fun. We have not done our jobs very well if we do not have excellent cart conversion for our TripShock Partners

The highlights reiterate the description and help guests understand the main features of the experience. They also spotlight important points for our Reservations Team to be able to quickly get a feel for what they are selling. Is the experience private? Is it unique? Where is the experience located? Can the kids join in on the fun?

A lot goes into making certain the information provided is credible and helpful. Our primary goal with the listing is to offer our sales and reservations teams, as well as our guests the most accurate and relevant information possible. This is why we have our overall listing standards and in-depth sections like restrictions, additional information, what is included, and what to bring. Every detail and every listing on tripshock.com is important to us.



Another markedly important part of listings is the images; that’s why we require 5-10 high-resolution images per product. Photos are used as the primary storytellers of the experience. People love to see bright and colorful pictures depicting every single aspect of the experience. We love to see people smiling and having the time of their lives, that’s why they’re here, after all, to do something that brings them joy. Images give guests comfort in knowing exactly what to expect, which is what we think makes us stand out from our competitors.



Great! I Have a Problem with My Listing, Now What?


The dedicated Listing Department works diligently to maintain site standards for our products. If you need to update your information like departure address or trip details, don’t hesitate to let us know. New images to submit? Send ALL of them, we won’t mind! New boat information or changes to your reservation requirements? We got YOU! If there’s a problem, we’ll solve it. Just reach out and let us know.

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