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Can I control how my TripShock promotes my business on Google?

To some extent, Yes. TripShock will use all sorts of paid and organic keywords to promote your business in every stage of the traveler journey. Travelers often click on 4 or 5 ads and visit half a dozen sites prior to booking.  For the health of your business, we want to show up anywhere and everywhere possible so we can get the traveler’s attention. This is why our holistic advertising approach is so critical. Travelers can come from many sources and TripShock works with our partners to make sure we are represented in all possible outlets.

You can read more about our advertising policies and what options your business has when it comes to Google search marketing.

If you believe TripShock is misrepresenting your business in any way or have any details about your listing that are incorrect – we want to know and to fix it immediately. You may contact partner support at [email protected] to get this started.