Where do I send new photos and videos of my product listings?

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Where do I send new photos and videos of my product listings?

Please send new photos to [email protected], and be sure to include the name of the company and product. Photos must follow the guidelines below to be included.

General Photo Guidelines

  • No text or timestamps (including phone numbers)
  • No logos of products (i.e. coca cola)
  • Highest resolution possible
  • G-rated images (no photos of people holding beers or being indecent)
  • No fish blood/guts, dirty shirts, dirty boats, etc…
  • No heavily photoshopped photos.
  • Stock photos are ok as long as they represent products and have a valid license.
  • JPEG or PNG format only.
  • Must be 1mb or less in size

General Video Guidelines

  • Videos must be pulled from Youtube or Vimeo only.
  • Copyright material is prohibited (audio, images, trademarks etc…)
  • Phone numbers and websites of the partner are prohibited.
  • If the phone number/website is at the end of the video, this might be acceptable per approval.
  • Logos are acceptable.
  • Videos need to be near-production quality.
  • Audio needs to be clear and understandable.
  • Picture/Video cannot be pixelated, overexposed, jittery, etc..