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What do I do if a mutual traveler gets hurt on my tour?

If a mutual customer gets hurt on your tour, please alert our customer support team at 850-424-5125 as soon as possible, but not more than 48 hours after the incident occurs so we are aware of the situation. It is our policy to not refund or comment on the issue unless instructed by your organization. Please review TripShock’s Supplier Terms and Conditions for our compete liability policy.

How much insurance do I have to have?

Tripshock suppliers must have a valid commercial liability insurance policy in place at all times during their partnership with TripShock. Although TripShock does not have specific policy requirements, to the extent that specific policy limits are required by law for a particular activity, providers must be in compliance.

Please keep your insurance information up to date and send new insurance certificates to [email protected] each year.

How do I recover damage repair fees?

You are solely responsible for collecting deposits, securing damage liability insurance and/or recovering damage repair fees. TripShock does not accept any liability for damages caused by its customers.

Will I be required to offer discounts on TripShock?

No. However, TripShock does require your ticket prices to be in parity with your lowest advertised price, including your direct prices and any prices offered by third parties. If you would like to discuss pricing strategy, please contact the partner support department at [email protected] and they will connect you with an account strategist.

What type of companies can join TripShock?

TripShock welcomes all operators that offer experiences and rental services to tourists. It’s difficult to say which categories are accepted due to the wide variety of experiences available to tourists nowadays. If you’re sure, still fill out an application and we’ll get back to you within 2-3 business days.

Here is a list of some categories that are not accepted right now.

  • Salons or Hair Stylists
  • DJ’s or Hired Entertainers
  • Wedding Planners
  • Food Delivery
  • Retail Shops

What if I decide TripShock is not the right fit after I have started or completed enrollment?

Whether you decide TripShock is not the right fit before or after onboarding, it’s simple to cancel. Simply email [email protected] and inform our support department that you plan on terminating your partnership with us. We require 30 day’s notice so we have sufficient time to inform our team and deactivate your products. You will be required to honor any existing bookings that have been made.

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing! We’re 100% commission based and we don’t earn a dime until you do. Because customer acquisition costs vary from destination to destination, our commission percentages vary depending on your destination and activity, but typically is no more than 25%.