“Awkward Watersport Guys” Podcast Empowers Watersport Operators

“Awkward Watersport Guys” Podcast Empowers Watersport Operators

“Awkward Watersport Guys” Podcast Empowers Watersport Operators

What do you get when you combine wild and wondrous watersports with experts in the industry, and put it on a captivating podcast? The Awkward Watersport Guys! These guys truly know their stuff, and are ready to dive in and provide insight on everything having to do with watersports.

The goal of this podcast is to help enhance and expand your existing business, stay up to date on current watersport trends, and discuss everything watersports related. Not only that, it’s a ton of fun! So, grab your headphones, tune in, and let’s get awkward with the Awkward Watersport Guys!

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Who are the Awkward Watersport Guys?


The Awkward Watersport Guys record weekly shows for your listening pleasure


Who are the Awkward Watersport Guys, you ask? This dynamic duo is made up of two watersport industry professionals who operate out of beautiful Destin, Florida, a premier beach destination known for its wonderful water activities, whimsical wildlife, and having tons of unforgettable things to do! First on the roster is Kevin O’Neil, Master Captain, CEO, owner, and head of marketing for Destiny Water Adventures. Not only did he create and expand his own business, but has spent 12 years in the industry, learning the ins and outs of everything to do with watersports, from branding and social media, to how to fix a jet ski or a Destin, FL, pontoon rental, if needed.

Up next is Greg Fisher, who is the CEO of TripShock, an online OTA for tours and activities, as well as WaveRez, which is a reservation software system created specifically for watersport operators. With over 15 years in the travel and hospitality industry, Greg is truly an entrepreneur, who knows the complexities of how to create a successful business. And, as an Emerald Coast local, he really knows his stuff when it comes to watersports!

Kevin and Greg, with their wealth of knowledge and experience, set out to create a podcast to not only have fun and stay up to date with current watersport trends, but to create a community of like-minded professionals. This podcast has big plans to help companies grow, expand, improve, and more!


Awkward Watersport Guys Podcast – What to Expect


The Awkward Watersport Guys are here to expand your thinking, and present new, as well as tried and true, techniques for common watersport industry questions and concerns. When you tune in each week to the Awkward Watersport Guys podcast, expect to laugh, learn, and get awkward!

Aside from the wise words of Kevin and Greg, this podcast features guests and speakers from all walks of life, with a wide range of expertise and experience. This is a great way to get unique insight, learn something new, and maybe even see things in a different light! Check out some of the previous Awkward Watersport Guys podcast guests below:

awkward watersports guys podcast guests

As you can see, this show features a wide variety of guests, covering a wide variety of topics. This is just one of the many things that makes this podcast so dynamic, because even though the overarching theme is watersports, the topics and concepts provided can apply to all sorts of companies and products. From learning how to hire and inspire seasonal workers, to how to choose the best domain name for your business, the Awkward Watersport Guys have something for everyone!


Watersport Safety & Insurance


Family bonding while parasailing over beautiful Orange Beach, AL


Watersport safety, as well as insurance, is a hot topic of conversation in the industry, especially when it comes to extreme activities like parasailing and jet skiing. Not only do providers need to make safety a priority for insurance purposes, but also for the welfare of their customers. Companies who put safety first give their customers peace of mind, which, in return, can boost sales and profit, and the AWG podcast explains how to do so!

Even further, when it comes to watersports along the Emerald Coast, there’s probably nothing more popular than a Panama City Beach, Florida, pontoon rental! This is why Kevin’s knowledge of pontoons and how they work, combined with Greg’s entrepreneurial knowledge, makes this the premier podcast for everything you need to know about watersport safety, insurance, and more!


Expanding your Business Through Innovation & Inspiration


Sunset sail with Paradise Adventures in Panama City Beach


While the Awkward Watersport Guys cover the basics, like important things your business needs to know to thrive, they also go over alternative, unique, and non-traditional ways to do so, as well. A great example of this is in Episode 4, where Donnie Coker, owner of Paradise Adventures, explains how his successful sunset sailing excursions in Panama City Beach started with inspired action. When it comes down to it, hard work and dedication, inspiration, and motivation is key, and the Awkward Watersport Guys are here to help with exactly that!


What’s Next for the Awkward Watersport Guys?

awkward watersport guys facebook page

Be sure to add the Awkward Watersport Guys on Facebook, and stay up to date on watersport trends and information


Can’t get enough of the Awkward Watersport Guys? Well, you’re in luck! Aside from fantastic weekly content, special guests, and tips and tricks on how to improve your business, the Awkward Watersport Guys plan to expand their Facebook group, to create a community and encourage conversation.

Greg Fisher states in a recent interview, “The podcast is meant to inspire and share ideas, but the Facebook group gives us a platform to discuss them with operators.” If joining a Facebook group with like-minded professionals in the watersports industry sounds like just the boost your business needs, click here!

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