TripShock Offering Flexible Options to Travelers During Covid-19

TripShock Offering Flexible Options to Travelers During Covid-19

TripShock Offering Flexible Options to Travelers During Covid-19

The travel community is still finding its place in the era of COVID-19. Travelers are prioritizing safety and affordability in vacation itineraries, and the industry is rapidly evolving to meet these new expectations and demands. TripShock CEO Greg Fisher listened to the concerns of customers by instituting two new policies; TripFlex insurance and the removal of cancellation fees.


Free Cancellations on Activities Site-Wide


people on a parasailing tour

Outdoor activities like Orange Beach Parasailing Tours result in the highest cancellation rates


TripShock’s flat-rate $5 cancellation fee has been reduced… to zero. The idea to remove the standard cancellation fee came as more and more customers struggle with the restrictions and dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We understand that our customers are dealing with forces outside of their control.” said CEO Greg Fisher during an executive-level meeting dedicated to COVID-safe travel, “removing a $5 cancellation fee is a small price to pay for giving travelers peace-of-mind when shopping with us.”

While the cancellation fee has been negated, the purchasing customer must still meet the requirements of the cancellation policies determined by each tour partner. Find more information on the new TripShock cancellation policy online in the “Changes & Cancellations” section of the TripShock customer service guide.

Free Cancellations vs Conversion

Although the idea of free cancellations was driven by customer needs, Fisher and other TripShock sales and marketing executives believe that the move will result in higher conversions. While TripShock’s overall website traffic and revenue increased in the summer of 2020, the conversion rate for advanced bookings dropped due to consumer confidence.

The fear of COVID infection, along with uncertainty surrounding the economy and political landscape, led to a drop in consumer confidence. TripShock took many steps to remedy this uncertainty, including a series of articles on COVID-safe travel, updated customer service protocols, the removal of cancellation fees, and TripFlex coverage.


TripFlex Coverage – Flexible Tour & Attraction Booking


TripFlex was instated as a means for customers to protect their purchase on TripShock.com. With TripFlex coverage added to a TripShock reservation, travelers have the extra protection for last-minute changes in plans.

TripFlex is especially handy when travelers are forced to cancel the trip AFTER the cancellation cut-off (typically 1-48hrs before the tour); without TripFlex, a refund would not be administered after the cut-off.

TripFlex Fees & Conditions

The TripFlex fee will range anywhere from 5-10% of the ticket or rental, which will vary depending on the type of tour. This fee is non-refundable. The option to add TripFlex to a booking is visible in the “ticket” section of each listing.



There are some conditions to qualify and receive a refund with TripFlex:

  1. In order to file a claim with TripFlex, customers will be required to contact TripShock via phone (850-424-5125) or email ([email protected]) PRIOR to the departure of your activity.
  2. Customers must tell the reservation agent the confirmation number of the activity to receive a full refund minus the TripFlex fee. The confirmation number is visible on the trip voucher (received via email), as well as the mobile voucher.
  3. TripFlex coverage does not qualify for no shows. If a customer calls or emails after the scheduled departure time to file a claim, the coverage will not be valid.

At TripShock, it’s all About the Traveler

TripShock continues to evolve to fit the needs of both customers and partners. Travel isn’t the same as it was a year ago, and may be completely different a year from today. For TripShock, the commitment to provide unforgettable experiences goes beyond connecting travelers with the most extreme, educational, and awe-inspiring tours and attractions. It’s a worry-free promise to the traveler from the moment they land on TripShock.com, all the way until their activity is finished.

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