What to Expect from TripShock in 2020

What to Expect from TripShock in 2020

What to Expect from TripShock in 2020

For TripShock, 2019 was a year of growth, improvements, and integrations. From the re-launch of WaveRez, to having the new “Featured Placements” put into effect, this past year has yielded amazing results for both TripShock and its partners.

The goal for 2020 is not only to utilize 2019’s upgrades, but improve on them even further. Keep reading and discover the successes of last year, and what’s in store for the country’s top booking website for activities, tours, and things to do in 2020!

TripShock’s 2019 Recap

While we can’t wait for what’s to come in 2020, 2019 did not disappoint. TripShock has expanded into new markets across the country, grew as a company with the addition of new employees, partners, and activities, and took great strides in creating a more user-friendly and accessible website.

Below are a few of the best TripShock moments from 2019, which will play a major role in making TripShock the best it can be in 2020 and beyond!


New Website Launched


Pictured above is the TripShock.com homepage, which saw many changes and updates in 2019

In 2019, TripShock launched a new version of the website, to make it easier to read and use. Rest assured, TripShock.com is still the same booking site that you know and love, just new and improved.

Finding the activity that’s perfect for you, understanding the restrictions and important information, checking availability, and booking tours and attractions has never been easier!


Featured Placement


Featured placement refers to the first listings that pull up when you search for a specific activity or destination on TripShock.com

One of TripShock’s 2019 goals was to stand out, and not just among other booking websites. TripShock also wanted to give its partners the opportunity to stand out, as well. The launch of “Featured Placement” in 2019 allowed their partners to do just that, and it was a major success!

Featured placement allows partners to pay an additional fee to have top placement within TripShock’s search results. For example, if a customer is searching the website for “Dolphin Cruises in Destin, FL,” those partners who paid for featured placement will have their listings closer to the top of the page. This means that listing gets more visibility, clicks, and overall sales.

The average partner saw an ROI of 10x, with results as high as 50x in TripShock’s top destinations. Featured placement starts out at $400 per year, and if you’d like to see what featured placement on TripShock can do for your business, click here.


WaveRez, Google Reserve, and FareHarbor


Using software like WaveRez, Google Reserve, and FareHarbor makes it easy to manage your bookings, even when on the go

One of TripShock’s most significant accomplishments of 2019 is undoubtedly the integration with FareHarbor, WaveRez, and Google Reserve. These all-in-one booking software systems manage online bookings, inventory, and provide customer service to help make online reservations as seamless as possible.

With such a high success and approval rate, it’s apparent that integrations like these are the future for online travel agencies, and the numbers speak for themselves! In 2019, TripShock had over 100 partners integrate with FareHarbor, and they collectively agree this has improved business substantially.

TripShock also re-launched WaveRez, which focuses specifically on the water ports industry. Geared towards small and medium-sized businesses, this reservation software is perfect for managing inventory, scheduling, and booking. Some of WaveRez’s top features include:

  • Rental matrix technology
  • Boarding pass receipt and printer
  • Email management
  • Text message notifications
  • TripShock integration
  • Online reservations
  • And MORE!

The symbiotic relationship between WaveRez and TripShock has enhanced the booking experience as a whole, not only for TripShock, but for the partners and customers, as well. And you don’t have to just take our word for it! Below is a video where actual WaveRez users explain just how beneficial using this software can be for business:



What’s in Store for TripShock in 2020?

Now that you know what we’ve gained from 2019, it’s time to discover what that means for TripShock in 2020. As previously stated, integrations are the wave of the future when it comes to online travel agencies.

We can see through TripShock’s integration with WaveRez, FareHarbor, and Google Reserve in 2019 just how beneficial this can be for every party involved. TripShock plans to expand on this in 2020, by integrating with RezdyBókun.



TripShock’s integration with RezdyBókun is expected to make booking online easier than ever.

This year, TripShock is focusing on integrations. Aside from the monetary and visibility value, these systems are easy to use. They make the booking process easier for customers, specifically those booking last minute, and it’s easier for the partners, as they can find all of their reservations easily and in one place.

This year, the focus is on RezdyBókun. This integration is expected to help improve the booking experience, allow real-time bookings and booking data, and make a more seamless experience for all users. Below is more information about these popular systems:

  • Rezdy: Rezdy allows for real-time bookings online with many different currencies, manages resources, and connects to some of the largest travel networks like Expedia, for example.
  • Bókun: Bókun is built specifically for tours and attractions operators in the travel industry.

The integration with Bókun will be launched later this year. Rezdy is still in testing, but is scheduled to be launched in the next 30 days.


Start Your New Year with TripShock!

With so much projected growth in the upcoming year, 2020 is the perfect time to sign up with TripShock! Travelers choose TripShock because of its easy booking platform, personalized planning, and access to quality providers and tours.

If you’re a provider that also takes pride in offering the best customer experience, then TripShock just might be the website for you! Click here to learn more about becoming a part of TripShock, today.

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